Why Teach Archaeology?

Dear Educators,

Please check out these invaluable resources to use for your own personal enrichment and as lessons in your classroom!  Also listed are a number of Field Trip and Teacher Workshop opportunities throughout the State of Maryland!

If you would like to request a professional archaeologist visit your classroom please contact us at UPArchaeology@gmail.com

Why teach archaeology?

Archaeology is for students — Archaeology is an exciting way for students to learn about the past.  Through the study of artifacts and context, students can learn to make connections between past and present as well as develop understanding and respect for other cultures. Students who study archaeology develop a greater appreciation for sites that are historically and culturally significant.

Archaeology is for Teachers — Archaeology is the perfect tool for educators – its multidisciplinary nature allows it to address many of the Common Core objectives mandated by the state of Maryland, including major subjects such as Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies.

Family dig at PFI - Oct 2010
Students excavate at the Patapsco Female Institute
Archaeology in the Classroom - Copy
Mock Archaeology Excavation Bins in the Classroom

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